CosmoDash is a stats aggregator dashboard, which trackers APRs for all the Osmosis Pools & Sovereign chain Tokens.

It provides real-time data and analytics on the chains, latest pool returns, trading volumes, and liquidity across the pools, giving you the power to make informed trading decisions and maximize your returns.

Scoring Methodology

For all the Sovereign chains, CosmoDash provide a Score (a.k.a Evia Score). This score evaluates chains/products to produce an overarching security score based on transparency and adherence to best practices.

Evia’s Process Quality Reviews (PQRs) follow a clear, standarised and established process, allowing users to directly compare scores across different projects.

Evia’s PQRs allow users to make informed decisions about the protocols they invest in, and provide developers with clear, achievable goals towards improving code, documentation and transparency.

Note: Cosmodash does not perform code audits. Instead, it only reviews the quality of process and documentation behind the code, of which audits are only a part.

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