Time-saving calculation

Manual Compounding Time:

For each compounding process, it involves two steps:

  • Claiming rewards

  • Staking rewards to validators

Both of these steps takes ~3 minutes to complete manually.

Auto-Compounding Time:

When using Evia's Auto-Compounding Vaults, the entire process is automated. Therefore, the time required for each compounding transaction is zero compared to manual efforts.

Frequency of Auto-Compounding:

The number of compounding transactions executed per day is determined by the frequency settings of the Evia Auto-Compounding Vaults. Let's denote this frequency as F transactions per day.

Hence, Total Time Saved per Day:

Total time saved per day = Time saved per transaction × Frequency of auto-compounding

= 3 minutes × F transactions
= 3F minutes

To convert this into hours: Total time saved per day (in hours) = (3F minutes) / 60


Let's consider an Evia Auto-Compounding Vault with a frequency setting of 6 transactions per day (F = 6).

Total time saved per day = (3 × 6) / 60 = 18 / 60 = 0.3 hours

Therefore, by utilizing Evia Auto-Compounding Vaults with a frequency of 6 transactions per day, users can save approximately 0.3 hours of manual compounding time each day.

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