Creating a groundbreaking product in the ecosystem often requires numerous attempts and trial-and-error iterations. Evia is following a similar trajectory, planning to introduce its products in several phases.

In every ecosystem, such as the Cosmos ecosystem, there are various tokens, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Borrowing/lending platforms (B/L), and tools. However, it can be challenging for users to navigate and identify the optimal wealth-building strategy, often resulting in more losses than gains.

Now, envision a product where all aspects related to yields converge, offering users a comprehensive super-app to efficiently manage and track all strategies within the ecosystem. That's EVIA for you!

Evia aims to consolidate and optimize such products, unlocking superior yield optimization strategies wherever feasible.

As the initial version (v1) of the product, we have structured it into three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Auto-compounding vaults

Phase 2: Yield Tokenisations

Phase 3: Small Cases

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