Kitkat Zone

Kitkat is the Validator arm for EVIA, with the primary focus to build symbiotic relationship within the ecosystem. Kitkat goal is to deliver high-end infrastructure, services & Tools for blockchain networks. (The full list of all our validator nodes can be found here.)

Kitkat plays a vital role behind the stage to attract new users for the evia ecosystem app using loyalty program and low-commission fees.

Alpha: Users who stake their tokens with Kitkat (On respective chains), will be whitelisted for airdrop by default and will incur exclusive rewards.

Moreover whatever kitkat earns through validating, services or tools will directly or indirectly benefit EVIA users in terms of revenue sharing & incentivization.

Pro tip: Start staking your assets with kitkat and reap the benefits. This should be a no brainer btw ;)


Since when kitkat is validating?

Kitkat produced it's first mainnet block on 22nd march 2023 & since then it's been validating without β€œtaking a break”.

What's the Uptime for the validator nodes?

100%, We use top-notch servers for the nodes and maintain a round-the-clock response team to address any critical errors.

Is any of the kitkat node ever been slashed?


Do you provide slashing protection?

Certainly, we offer a full refund in the event of any slashing incident. Nonetheless, our foremost priority is to prevent slashing from occurring in the first place.

To learn more about the offering by kitkat, you can visit it's website:

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